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So I’ve tried most all of the IG growth methods and the honest truth (from my experience) theyre all fairly low quality and it seems like IG as a whole is just extremely difficult to grow organically. At this point it seems like giveaway loops (although still low quality) seems to have the best cost per follower. Does anyone have direct plugs to the IG growth companies without middlemen? I am just trying to get the lowest price possible

There is a huge shift happening on Instagram these days. Clients want high quality followers at pennies on the dollar, but that simply doesn’t exist. Giveaways are not only low quality, but most of them are fulfilled using fake accounts. My thoughts are that follow / unfollow can rise up again as the king and here is why. A real human has to decide if they want to follow someone back or not.

The sooner clients are educated on what’s really going on, the better. But I will say, you can speak to clients until you are blue in the face about DM’s (how expensive), about how f/u may get their account deleted, or how giveaways produces the lowest quality of follower and a high % of them will not believe you and jump from agency to agency.

If you want giveaways, I can link you with the providers, but you are most likely getting some fakes if you buy.


Makes sense. But you would need M/S strategy to really scale with the follow/unfollow strategy right?

I believe you are operating under what clients ‘want’ and I get that. But what clients ‘want’ and what is ‘reality’ are two different things. I believe growth will be slowed down to one option - follow / unfollow with 300 to 1000 followers a month.

If you know me, I talk in scale meaning growth for anyone. I’m not talking about fringe meme accounts where shout outs and other viral growth works. I’m talking about hard working small businesses or people who want to grow, but will never have viral content.

IG growth is way beyond maturity now.

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Folks listen up. When @mrsmith says something I listen and you should too. He gives it straight to you no fluff. Educating clients is the real thing.

Tbh, I supply accounts (fake accounts yes) to one of the biggest giveaway company. Atleast 50% of the delivery is fake with accounts having 100-300 followers looking like real.

M/s and f/u are the king


Hey you all made some great points here but there’s a few things…

Automation will always become harder overtime but it does hold its ground for generating organic results. It becomes less & less results over time but its always real & legit.

As far as giveaways generating results, its really the best way to gain in mass right now for good prices. There are a few giveaway networks who are borderline scammers & are in deep with being called out for fraud.

As some one who actually specializes in giveaways, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Niche, Host location, & Client location are some of the biggest factors. I have seen some of the top giveaway networks insert clients into giveaways that are based in Russia & similar locations. This is obviously dooms day for a USA client as these audiences are practically useless to their brand & they are better off not even participating.

If you are doing giveaways through a transparent provider who understands what they are doing & is not a scammer, you aren’t going to have to worry about fake followers, farming, & super low quality results. There is definitely a lot of bad apple providers but there is a few good.

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yes IG growth is difficult indeed, but Ig audience is the most profitable

Organic results at scale are dead. That means there is a very small % of accounts worldwide that grow true organically. So follow / unfollow is next best thing outside of DM’s for growth. We are at a crossroads on IG. You can’t grow unless you pay. And what you pay matters. Quality growth is extremely difficult and if you want it, you have to pay.

I own a giveaway company as well. No US campaigns are any good. No quality US account follows accounts to win a prize. Us American’s don’t value iphones and things like that. So where do you think these guaranteed gains are really coming from? I know. I’m sure you do to.

International worked great because the fan base is actually excited about the prize, but even those giveaways are suffering in already low quality.

So…I’d say all giveaway companies are sort of scamming friend b/c each of the '20K Guaranteed Gains" didn’t come from that “US” host.

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They are profitable because of the insatiable appetite for growth. Society has set it up so. But their appetite can never be satisfied b/c true, pure, organic growth and engagement is dead. I’m sure some Meme account will pop in saying they grow that way, but they are part of the .00009%. All of these influencers and below are not growing with a real audience and their engagement is all bought in some fashion.

Yes. But @tux will tell you about M/S. VERY difficult and VERY expensive and you can’t scale just any account.

My point is we are coming full circle. People don’t want to do follow / unfollow for a lot of reasons, but they may not have a choice soon b/c these other methods are absolute garbage and about to disappear.

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You can do any method but if you have bad content, forget organic growth. Content is the king and #1 growth factor on IG. That’s what I saw and learned from my experience.

As for the methods here are my two cents

Follow Unfollow method
Pros: Cheap, related followers, best targeting
Cons: Small results 400-600 per month, action restrictions, AC and other unexpected random problems.
Conclusion: If you have small budget, you are okay with slow growth, you want targeted followers and you can wait 3 years to see some better results this service is for you.

MS Method
Pros: Unlimited results, safe for account, fast growth, not perfect targeting.
Cons: Expensive to scale
Conclusion: If you want fast growth, have big budget $1k+ per month, don’t look any other service.

I don’t want to discuss other methods for obvious reasons other members mentioned above.

So, invest real money (get a loan if you have to) to create amazing content and pay for good MS service for minimum 6 months or 1 year, look at long-term value of followers that you will gain and find ways to monetize your account. Later, if you post good content, connect with other popular people in your niche I can bet you will continue to grow without needing any service again.

You made some really valid points but Im curious as to why you own a giveaway company if you do not think giveaways are any good & scams? Im genuinely just curious not being facetious.

I was waiting for someone to catch that and ask, thank you. It’s been a long road getting to this place, but the ultimate reason we still put on and sell giveaways is because…

clients keep buying them and if I stop, they keep buying from others no matter what we say.

I ran 5 solid but stressful “US, Female” campaigns. I have access to so much talent. But what we saw when the celebs posted was shocking.

4.5m followers = 500 genuine followers.

We paid that celeb 25K. I’m sure you can do the math.

Clients are really paying for the celeb and having the post. If the celeb is in the US, they are deemed a US influencers and clients truly believe they have a high quality US audience. It’s all BS.

This is why I’m saying follow/unfollow is coming full circle. I believe that a follow back from follow / unfollow is the second highest quality follower on IG outside when we do mass direct messaging with guaranteed growth.

Of course a pure, organic follower is top, but those days are over (at scale).

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I agree with you, just like real estate, content is king and #1 growth factor on IG, BUT amazing content alone will not drive growth for millions of people who want to grow. IG is too saturated.

You are spot on about F/U.

MS - won’t work for every account hence why your comment about content is king is relative.

I would say Mass DM’s if done right is a very high quality product, but going down at some point soon. We are taking advantage of it while we can, but it’s not for every account because…content matters.

Your last paragraph is sound advice, but problematic because most 9/10 people are still stuck in the old Instagress days when f/u was cheap and the highest quality.

We have a huge f/u business and I’m only speaking from my experience of talking to clients daily. They want a rainbow and won’t put in the time to get it.