Disabled instagram appeal for impersonating

Hello I just wanted to know has anybody recently tried to appeal and managed to submit their appeal because every time I am trying I keep getting stuck at the submit your username i keep getting this error “the url you provided is not a user please provide a valid user”

Have i wrote the username in the wrong format as I have tried by just writting my username and tried with https & www.
Has anybody else been successful by using a different Web browser other then Google chrome as I saw another thread where somebody mentioned they were successful by using safari but I do not have that browser

Successfully submitting appeals also with Google Chrome. If you PM me your Username & Email I can try requesting it for you.

Hi thank you for your reply but I don’t think I can Pm on here as new

Hi @schoko what’s the latest link that you are using?

Hi think my pm went through thanks as appreciate you trying to help me


I’ve successfully requested an appeal, so I would suggest changing up the usual stuff like the Email you are using (doesn’t need to match your account email), IP (Proxy/VPN could do the trick), clearing cookies/Private Mode or any combination of those

Thank you really appreciate your help
clear my cookies from where instagram I don’t have a VPN & when you say private mode do you something like duckduck? Or airplane mode


You can use a free VPN or free proxy (plenty services out there)

Private Browsing aka. Porn Mode in your Browser - as an alternative to clearing cookies

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sorry for disturb
but I tried your procedure and still not work for me.
I used Virtual machine with VPN and used another email address, also I selected United state as country. and still not working “Your request couldn’t be processed”.

Try using other emails that are not connected with any IG accounts. Also change your VPN country to use a different IP. See if it works.

Thanks will try that incase I need to submit the appeal again

I tried this and still not working