📰 “Discover people” – Leading Followers to Find Better Connections On Facebook OR Looking For A Date Anyone? 🤣

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to enhance the experience of using this social media platform for its followers. Now, it has come up with a really interesting tool – “Discover people” – that helps its followers in making new friends on Facebook. This feature works like contact and profile suggestions that you must have accessed on LinkedIn and Twitter, but yes, in its Facebook-style.

“Discover people” suggest people you have something in common with. For instance, it can connect you with users based on the city you live in, or through groups, you belong to and have shown common interest in an event. Isn’t it great?

It has confirmed about its new feature, and soon it will be available for all Android users and iSO. Well, this exciting tool seems like a great fun for those who are looking for a new friend on it. Now, if you are wondering where you can find this tool on Facebook, it is tucked away in the more menu navigation tab on the mobile apps.

Basically, you can it follow below “friends”, “events”, “groups”, nearby places, and other functions. When you click or open “Discover People,” you will see a message on the top asking you to introduce yourself so that people can get to know a thing about you better. In case you click on your profile picture, Facebook will take you to a new screen where you can introduce a short and interesting bio. And, another swipe to the left will request you to add latest featured photos.

Here you will see the friend suggestion back at the start screen. Now, scroll down the page and then you will be able to reach all those groups that have added you as a member. Besides this, there will also be a separate section named Discover people. Just tap on this tab to open it. Now, the Facebook will offer you with a series of user profiles that can be swiped to connect with new people.

Have you used a dating app like Tinder in the past? Well, if you are nodding your head, you are going to use Facebook easily. Facebook gives you an ease to reach new people and add them to your account. Making new friends on Facebook is simple, you know!

Besides this, you can even search for the people who share the same interests and likes with you. It even features a tab called “People you may know”, which shows you the profile of people that you can add as new friends to your account.

According to some report, “People you may know” tab uses location data to make its suggestions. This is, in fact, was declared inaccurate later on by Facebook. And, still, Facebook abides by what they said that time. No, they don’t use the location of any individual for suggesting new friends.

You can simply go to the search option and look for new friends. And, go to the setting tab to adjust your settings for receiving friend requests.

What do you think of this new addition? 2 things from me:

  1. It will get a lot easier to grow accounts to 5k friends as Fb itself will suggest you more and more people
  2. Here comes the dating world of Facebook - let’s see who gets in on the action :smiley:
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and when you start adding them, they’ll show you pop up “Do you really know this person?” :smiley:

Why haven’t they added this couple of years ago… When I wasn’t married. I would probably add bunch of hot girls (read: fat ugly dudes like myself) and chat with them whole night…

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Maybe they’re starting to lose the 1st spot, that’s why they’re adding all these new features now :smiley: