[Discussion] Different UI/UX depending on location on IG app

I’ve been seeing a strange thing happening on the IG app. It can’t be version specific since I login using the same version, but apparently it’s following the footsteps of fb desktop whereby the user interface differs depending on where it was created.

I mean, i see it on the desktop (of fb) so it’s pretty common, but for it to happen on the IG app is strange.

Here’s what is different

  • Ability to save post to a private list
  • Ability to follow suggested users after you follow someone (this pic shows no way of suggested follow)

I’m sure there are more, but that’s what i have found out.

A few things, this is the first time i’m seeing such strange behaviour. This acc is the 3month acc bought from accs123 where a few of them had a bunch of problematic PV and bans.

6 months accs had most of the things, but some things are missing as well. My own created accs from the chrome have almost all things enabled.

Not a deal breaker, but just curious what’s yours like.

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