Discussion: IG Accounts' Management (Bans/RDP/Proxies) + Email Providers (ProtonMail Ban Wave)

Hi guys, how’s everything going?

I wanted to open a discussion here related to some points related to Instagram’s artificial bans for managing several accounts, similar with emails, that have been personally affecting me these past few days. Probably, someone can relate and share any advice or tips and we all can take them. At the end of the day, we’re a community.

1) IG Accounts’ Management

I don’t personally create IG accounts massively, but I do manage them that way. I’m getting a lot of accounts banned for the “artificial” reason. A guy charged me $85 once for unbanning one and he was legit but then disappeared, if you offer this service or know someone please let me know.

These last few days I’ve been managing them on different devices (cellphones), using some VPNs, and variating LTE and Wi-Fi Internet but it seems like this isn’t enough. Is there any advice you could share about this? I’ve heard about Jarvee through a VPS/RDP and custom proxies for every single account. Not sure if this would work or help.

Does Jarvee allow users to edit the account and post content? That’s what I need, and not sure if it could be a good fit. Probably I can initially log in through Jarvee and a proxy and then switch to a traditional device I use?

We clearly want to avoid bans at all times.

2) Email Providers

Same situation, I’ve been getting all my Gmail and ProtonMail accounts disabled (around 100-200).

Are there any email providers you guys would recommend right now based on your experience? I was evaluating the “uncreated OGE” strategy and later sell those accounts, but it seems a bit risky for my accounts.

We’d love to get access to an email provider similar to what ProtonMail used to be before. It’s clearly changing now.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!