[Discussion] Instagram periodical clean ups

Over the last month, I have noticed that 90% of my total “Phone Verifications” and “Action Required” happen over Friday night (GMT +3).

I am not sure if it’s a coincidence or Instagram Scans a percentage of its Accounts during Friday night, but Saturday morning has become the worst time of the week for me.

May 4th: 6 PVs
May 11th: 14 PVs and 4 Blocked accounts
May 18th: 6 PVs
Today: 3 Blocked accounts

I mainly loose accounts that are 15-30 Days old… What do you guys think is the issue? Have you ever experienced such a periodical automation problem?


I don’t think Instagram scans all accounts on Friday evening, I think they detect all accounts everytime by some ways. Especially they follow our proxies and our activities, I tested some ways, try to stop your account and change your proxies. Maybe your proxies is flagged by them so it makes PVs frequently

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I think it’s a coincidence haha ! Fridays are no worse for me in all this!

It is more likely that something in your activity / timing is causing this.

There are cases that instagram does scheduled cleanups and many people experience PV waves but i don’t think this is happening on a weekly basis

That’s what I had in mind the first 2 weeks of May, but even when I kept on randomizing my activity, Fridays remained the worst days.

@ido @RaphaelReborn @Gaevintt When was the last time you guys experienced a PV wave?

1 week ago, wednesday I think :slight_smile:

Everyday, Around 10% accounts get PVs

When you mainly loose accounts which are 15-30 days old the reason is 99,9% the quality of the accounts.


Hmm haven’t had this on scheduled weekly basis like you describe. I just get daily PV for a certain portion of my accounts.

Could there be an action that you’re performing/not performing on Fridays that might trigger this?


check always if the problem are the actions or the proxy!