[Discussion] Jarvee + Server Performance

Hi all,
I have been experiencing some really nasty lags a performance issues with jarvee lately, which also affected my ability to reach limits on my accounts.

I was running 150 accounts on an quad core i7 machine.
Today I migrated to a new server, with 16 core CPU, I was hoping this would improve the situation, but although CPU usage is much lower, the software still runs very slow and laggy.

I’m aware that some of my filter might hurt the program’s performance, but does it have to be that bad?
As a last resort I purchased another license and spread the account across two instances of Jarvee.

I contacted support ofcourse, but would like to here you input on this one, anyone experienced such problems? Any insights about how to improve the situation?

Please share your setup and experience of the program’s performance.

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Do you use SSD? Big difference.

Usually the filters slow performance but it shouldn’t be that bad.
Could you tell the amount of RAM please and is it a Windows Server 2012 or 2016?

Could you check if there are any CPU/RAM intensive background processes running via task manager?