[Discussion] SocialBlade dying? Looking for alternative?

Noticed this today
Any alternative? does IG eventually block SB for sure?
Are you facing any differences in the stats lately?
What’s your opinion :slight_smile: ?

My opinion is why would you create yet another thread about this?


Did you know IG changed their API?!!!??!??!! BREAKING NEWS! We’ve reached core meltdown.


Thanks, still doesn’t change my opinion about why you opened the 6 th or 7 th thread about this.

Even if a person tried to help other people is still bad for you
As I told you and some others around the forum, There is NO reason to be sarcastic and rude to other people.
Thanks and good luck,
You can delete the thread if you feel to :+1::heart:

How is it being rude to point out that there are SEVERAL other threads about this exact thing? So nice try. My opinion still stands.
Let alone how you think that this duplicate of a thread of a duplicate thread of a duplicate thread was going to help anyone.

Bad cop and good cop in action.

It’s fine when it’s not recent news and months have gone by, but when this was literally posted 2 topics down, might as well just continue the discussions about SB and the IG API changes where it was already being discussed.

When in doubt, search before posting, but also look at the latest 2 topics first because odds are if it’s “breaking news” it’ll be there already.


I would like to add that having multiple threads about the same topic doesn’t help, it hinders by watering down the topic and dividing the discussion instead of continuing it in the same place.

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