[Disscusion] Insta have the best organic reach

If we compare instagram general reach to facebook or twitter for example who you think
is better ?

I know it depend on a lot of factors quality of content audience posting frequency …

But what is your point of view on it especially that now i think tiktok have greater reach , it’s not to see wich platform is better than the other bcs if they have daily users it’s profitable , but just see if you want only engagement wich platform can be the best

I think instagram have higher reach than facebook, but it’s declining so fast.
Tiktok may be the best for generating engagement at the moment. the problem is their user base is still very little. But those that start populating it earlier probably will get the most out of it


Yes i think that tiktok will be the go to app for solely high eg even if people are still having good reach on instagram and facebook

For Facebook i am very confused bcs lot of people tell that reach organically is awful and that you have to use it only to monetize , but at the same time i see some tell they have greater eg on Facebook than on Ig .

For my own experience i was getting really good reach on it but when i got to 10k suddenly they started killing my reach even if i was going viral with no ads on some videos .

Plus they can limit your reach as they want bcs there is no explore page and hashtags wich is very sad for the most used platform…

Agree at 100% with you.