[DISSCUSION] What do you do right after Posting?

This has been disscused a lot here and i learned a lot of stuff on this forum but what about the warmup of the post what you do so the reach get to the next level on the first minutes ?

Pray to the algorithm gods that your post is show to people who give a crap.


It can be a pretty solid method i will include it in my next insta course with the modest value of 4500$


But on a more serious note, I’ve tried a variety of tactics and none have truly helped so I still believe that it comes down to getting lucky + getting engagement from your active followers.

Things I’ve tried that haven’t worked well:

  • Liking a ton of others posts who have been active recently - basically anyone who shows up in the feed with a recent post
  • Commenting as much as I can on those photos, and with people who I know like to engage with my content

Hoped that those two things would “remind” followers that I’ve got new content, but people rarely check your page unless they’re stalkers - so if those things don’t boost your content in someones feed, they’ll never see your stuff and won’t engage, which then puts all the burden on the shitty post-hiding algorithm designed to make you quit the platform or pay for exposure.


yes that’s why i am waiting for tiktok bot it gonna affect instagram so much surely not in terms of userbase but for marketers it will

For the IGTV many here tell it’s useless better use story… but don’t you think it’s a solid point to boost trustscore an reach even on simple post as they reward anyone that use there new stuff even if lot of users don’t use it

I used to think they rewarded people for using new features, but it’s never done the trick for me, in other words I didn’t get lucky but it seems others have (IGTV, etc). In fact some of my lowest engaged content started after an IGTV post recently.

That’s what comes from a company buyed by facebook btw even reach is really begining to become like on facebook it’s scary…

So for you best thing to have the little boost of first minutes is to engage with own audience before posting but i want to ask you something :

1- Do you do it manually on your phone or automated
2- If you have low followbase you will end up engaging with same over and over if they don’t post a lot you will finish it in less than 1 month

how to monetize tik tok

Share the post on story, make sure I add hashtags to the comments

probably catching up by engaging with my mutuals

i close the app and pray to God.

I stopped sharing to my story as 1. it looks spammy and 2. I just don’t get the click-throughs from it. So no point.

I engage with people I follow for quite a while after posting, and that’s helped massively.

Usually I reply to all the peoples questions about the located product, offer them some help with choosing the right option and close the sales.
Sometimes we do jokes, sometimes I need to thank them for giving continous positive feedback and being a fan. If people ask for discounts I only give them codes when I need to rake up the sales, sometimes I reply to generic comments and ask to stop botting under my post.

this i on sell posts what about normal post destined for growh and potential virality