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I had read several posts where it was suggested to just follow and like followers of competitors account in order to grow your following base and making some sales. For me, no sales yet and very few followers

Therefore, after following followers of competitors in my niche, I like their posts (usually 1 or 2 random), then I also tried to send them DM’s.

I’m trying this strategy to see if I get more engagement from followers, aka if they follow me back, and click the link in my bio.

These are the niches and the IG accounts. Maybe you guys can offer some insights/critiques:

  • MMO - @onlinerevenuelife
  • Weightloss - @weightloss_solution-2017
  • A furniture store offer (I’ve set up an EStore via datafeed) - @furnitureposh

Since I HATE receiving messages like, “Thanks for following me” and the like, when I send out my DM, I NEVER say anything of that sort. In my DM, I only ask ppl to click on my profile link (which is a mini website with an affiliate offer).

Suggestions? THanks @Adnan @euhero anyone :slight_smile:

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if you DM your followers, that’s fine.

but if you DM those who are not your followers, they can choose to decline reading your messages. and when that happens too often, IG reads that as a sign you could be a spammer, and ban your account(s) subsequently.


your accounts look nice
just i suggest to you to change the profil pictures ( i think they are not related to what the acct do)
and just keep working.
d’ont try to earn any think at +1k +5k followers
because they d’ont trust you yet

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