Dm blocks , again...anyone?

yeah i know this has been talked about here already but still there is no real solution for it even after update of yesterday i still get blocked for dm is there a certain issue on the software or it’s setup related ?

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Software issue, you have to deal with it :pensive:

Sad but true

We have to wait til they fix it :confused:

It’s not the software. It’s your set up.

Mine is working great!

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I have stopped using DMs loong time ago :slight_smile:

@T-tech mind sharing your config?

Pmd you mate :+1:

what you do instead do you do them with a custom bot

Can you please also send me the config?

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Interested as well :smiley:

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Could you PM your set?thanks

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Hey guys!
from my daily work - the DM’s can work great with some accounts on the API and some accounts on the EB, I extract my follwoers and send them the DM’s + spin text.
some accounts do get DM’s block but after 3-7 days you can rest device id and send max 20-25 per day :slight_smile:

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i think this is a very risky move especially if it’ done evrytime there is a block

Eh it’s not really worth it unless your selling something in the dms. The limit is so low now.

I agree.

I used to do a lot of CPA in the past and most of the conversions came from DM

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I miss cpa. Wish I abused it more , other sites arnt nearly as easy as instagram a year ago.

please can you send me your DM configuration I need it urgently thanks!

Any chance to get some hints?