DM flood from taken-over accounts

Did anyone notice the massive flood of DM’s about the loaded Visa cards and your naked photos? I’m receiving insane amounts of spam DM’s from regular looking accounts, and it’s common to hear “sorry for that, I was hacked” or similar stuff afterwards. It seems that people really get hacked because I even got that message from my customer who I spoke to earlier and he is a regular person.
It looks like it began when the action blocks came in. I would rather get followed by a random account and eventually unfollowed later than receive tons of those messages daily.

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Got the same happening over and over from people. Already got this from 10 normal people

Yea a lot of people are falling for it lol

I’ve gotten a few of these things but I don’t understand why people make these… How are people making money from hacking the accounts, people will just get them back since they have access to the account email.

it takes few days - weeks to get account back if you know how to hack it
other way to make money from it is to like comment and follow your own accounts and make them look more legit
hacking IG account is very easy