DM Group with a Music Niche

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend so far :slight_smile:

I’d like to start a new 1k + Engagement Group for upcoming Musicians, Songwriters, Singers, Instrumentalists type accounts. With the goal of reaching 10k + followers.

No Spammers
No Posts such as “cool pic” or “great shot” - so 5 word minimum.
Profiles must be the same for giving and receiving comments.

Quality over Quantity.

Just message your telegram username in the comment section and I’ll add you.



Thats a good idea, its a potentially big niche and theres not many groups around. Good luck!

Thanks Itachi :slight_smile:

hey id be interested! im a music on instagram and my username on both telegram and ig is cryopotato :slight_smile: im not super duper active on telegram but id love to be part of smt

Private messaged you about this.

That’s awesome!

Are you guys still active?

that is good sounds like good

Im interested as well name on telegram is J Glez and on insta is @j6lez

Hey! I’ve been looking for this. @Marklevy13

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hi there, please add me: @lerocquemusic

i was never added…

Hi! Are you still doing this? If so, I’d love to be added

Are you still accepting members into your group? @stackmoses

I started an engagement group with accounts averaging 7k followers. Drop your instagram handle here if you want to be added.

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Still adding people?

IG name is mikemillerdrums


If you are still adding people, telegram: itsswishbih

Telegram username: changoz
thanks :slight_smile:

is you dm group legit? any proofs?

telegram: @crindle