DM’ing and using Jarvee to drive traffic

If you want to drive traffic to a main Instagram by automating say 3 other accounts that follow 20 accounts/ day, dm’ed 20 accounts/ day, unfollowed 1 or 2 per day, and commented a few time’s per day. Would these numbers be possible? Is 20 dm’s trying to direct traffic to your main insta too many? How many dm’s can you send in a day from a single account?

Thank you everyone!!

You can’t really rely on DMs through the software, but everything else is possible :slightly_smiling_face:

How so? Is that because the software doesnt know how to send dm’s? Or because that’s what’s always blocked?

Since november, DMs are blocked through the software, and no one has found a work around. A very few DMs can be sent still, but definitely not enough for a M/S provider :slightly_smiling_face:

Huh that’s too bad. Even if it’s just 10 DM’s a day the software still won’t let you do it? That because of Instagram blocks or The software itself? Is there anyway around that?

Thank you Denis1- I really appreciate all your answers!!

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From what i’ve experienced, it’s a bit both. It’s not only the software itself, because it’s a real DM block directly coming from IG,

But still, 90% of accounts won’t be able to DM more than 10 a day on the software. On the IG app, you can send more than 10 DM a day on 100% of the accounts.

So… If you want to DMs, go ahead

means it’s a big part coming from the soft especially if issue still for most of us after 2 months hope that they take it into consideration , dm is an important tool too