DM to new followers... No DMs sent

I’m trying to send DMs to new followers. I have it checked off under contact. I see in the dashboard it saying ‘14 new followers send to contact members’ … but no DMs have been sent. Am I missing something? I have checked off send DMs thru eb btw.

DM new followers respects the “Send Messages” tab limits.

Do you have the send messages tab limits all filled out correctly?

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Thanks, a friend just showed me that. I’ve been using gmt2 for the past few years, and in it you can leave the DM module off and it will still send to new followers if you have it checked off. So I wasn’t aware the DM module had to be turned on aswell. Thanks for the reply.

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One thing that I am getting is “contact - error sending message for the ‘505’ account :code Proxy error check proxy settings” … but yet every other action is working fine so I know its not a proxy problem. Should i leave send messages thru embedded browser ticked?

Hmmm, I just checked and I am not getting that error that I can see so far. I dont use the EB though maybe thats the issue?

Not sure. I will keep an eye on my DMs though and see if I get that issue

There is sometimes this error in the DM tool, have it aswell. I fix this since months by just OFF/ON contact tool.

When you see “red” on the contact module, just put it OFF and ON.


Thanks bogoss

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The tool continues despite the ( ! )… that’s not really an issue. My question now though is, when this error occurs… does it attempt to resend the DM to the recipient at a later time? Or do they just not get a DM? By the looks at what’s pending, and what has been sent… it looks like they’re not. Idk for sure.

@Adnan can you have them look into this? I don’t get this error while doing any other commands, and sending DMs in other software works as normal, so I’m not understanding why it’s happening. Why would it be a connectivity issue if it’s only happening for DMs? Shouldn’t it occur when do other commands as well?

Its literally happening on 8 out of 10 DMs.

I would suggest you to have a look once more, because it works for everyone else, so i don’t think they will do something about it

Try to use API for DM

I remember once i used EB for DM, and they all couldn’t be sent aswell

Have a look once more at what?

…what exactly am I looking at? I’ve tried both with send DMs only thru EB checked, and with it not checked. Still occurring.

And it doesn’t work for everyone else, someone just said in another thread they get it 100 times a day sending DMs. While another person said they get it both on DMs and likes.