DM to own followers ( action block)

Hey guys,
Are we not able to send DM to followers anymore? Or it’s just me?

Recently I am having trouble to send welcome msg to new followers. The most I can manage is about 2-3 then it will block me for send more. The only solution I found is to logout of the account and rest for few hours and log back in. But even so it will block me again if I send more then 2 DM.

Are you guys having the same problem? Any advice will be great!

Ps: I am sending DM to account have already follow me, not to strangers

Are you sending exact same message over and over again? That’s huge trigger.

Especially if you also add link.

No links. But yea it’s same massage. It’s a welcome msg. I am not too sure how to many it different every time :joy:

With automation tool like Jarve and spinning syntax :slight_smile:

Sure I will give spinning syntax a try. How many variations do I need to be on the safe side ?

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I dunno, but it’s easy to make one with 100s of variations. Problem is how to send them manually.

If Jeeves can work I’ll just use it to send :slight_smile:

Jarvee works great with spintax.

if you create spintax and want to send all variations manually, you can use this website to show all your spintax variations Just add your spintax, then click generate variations.


the more and variate the better :slight_smile:

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When I’m running a huge sfs, I DM 400-600 people with just a smiple “sfs”, I’ve never got any blocks for this, I do just get blocks after I’ve sent for example 15 DMs to people I don’t follow/following me/don’t had conversation with, then I may get a block

Think I broke it :slight_smile:

I would use this one:

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What is Sfs?
Are you using DC or 4G proxies?

Sfs = shoutout for shoutout

It depends on if I’m on my phone or doing it via Jarvee (4g)

Hi @Tyson I faced the same problem and could solve it with a post :blush:.
I haven´t posted something (I´m a story user) for 3 months and started to receive action blocks while sending “Welcome DMs” to my new followers (always the same text with a link).
I paused with DMs for 1 week and posted again 1 post and the Action Block was gone.
I still use the same text and link and receive no ABs anymore since weeks.
Hope this helps.

That’s the issue. Change the text, have different messages and you will be safer next time.

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Hi, but that´s my point :wink: I didn´t need to do that. I´m using the same text&link since November and got an Action Block for DMs 3 months after not posting anything. Then I posted and the AB was gone. I´m still sending DMs with the same text&link since November :blush:

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Well, that’s good for you. I would still test the link to see if it’s send (with some dummy account) and also I would still change the text. But as I’ve said, if it’s working then it’s good :slight_smile:

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Yes, my link is working - it´s a link to my newsletter. And they all subscribe :slightly_smiling_face: I think because I didn´t post in 3 months but sending DMs I was flagged as “suspicious” maybe not human :slightly_smiling_face: and my post lifted the block.

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Yes, that might be a trigger with not posting :slight_smile:

Hi Kate thank you So much for your advice.
I think that might be the problem. As I have not posted anything for a long time😅 I’ll surly give that a try and will update here the result! Appreciate your help🙏🏻