DM using video on instagram

is there a tool with an option to mass dm using a video?

has anyone tried this and what are the limits like…

I think you can’t get more spammy than a Dm with video! I wouldn’t recommend


I can promote products by video via DMs instead of images, good idea.

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its for out reach?

ideally I would have different campaigns set up for different audiences and record a video of me saying xyz

people will leave you on read all day or not even open it but if its a video its something different they have never seen

if anything I feel it would be less spammy and more personal

I tried it, but didnt get a proper result.

My try was: PM’ed with video around 50-60 accs.
The people that opened video: 4. Many of them didnt even “allow” the DM. Since they were frightened or something…

But it could work on customers that you have already engaged with!

Hope it helps🙌


I delegated it to my virtual assistant, sending 40-50 video messages a day


You could try putting the video in a link and then send it as DM. Your pitch would have to be good for people to click on the link though.

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