DMA! Need your help with suggestion


Can anyone help with a good suggestion how to build a good WordPress website for Digital Marketing Agency?

Hosting + which theme to get + payment processor + etc?

I wanted to try alone to build a website.

Any hosting and theme should do + elementor (plugin to design everything) + pp/stripe as payment processor + woocommerce

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I use WIX for the website, and Stripe for the payment.
Here’s a pic of my client portal, where users can submit their filters; you can set this up using a database.
When a user submits the form it ads the values to the database, as well as sends me an email with everything that was added.


Hello @tux & @Hadi,

Thank you for your reply!

I do appreciate it…

What do you think about this theme?

This looks nice,
If you end up trying it, show us the results and share your experience!

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domain+hosting(wordpress) - godaddy. site+design+plugins - fiverr

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@Jhon_Smith Thanks :v:

I would use a better host than godaddy… I believe Kinsta and Siteground have best speeds.