DMing follow and unfollow list for manual follow stopped working

So I have been doing that for a couple weeks with no problem but today, I can’t seem to be able to DM the whole list to my account anymore. eg if I send more than 20 @usernames, the message just never reach get to the receiving account (can still see in the sender account). Any else having this problem?

That is very normal block actually, which any normal user can get just try to add a lot of time between each dm action, sending dm is not like doing follow, unfollow and likes, also are you sending dm to your followers ?

no, I’m sending the to follow list from one of my account to another so I can open those profiles in the app and manual follow down the list easily.

I’m not sending a lot of DMs. Like one message with 200 @usernames to follow and another message with 200 @usernames to unfollow per day. It was working fine for a couple weeks till today

Seems like you already answered your own questions. IG isnt too happy with mass mentioning. Cut it down and see how it works

I may need to figure out a new way to do this than using DM. Now it seems sending even more than 10 @usernames gets filtered out. sending 40 messages of 10 @s will take way too much time.