Dming from a large account

So I have a repost account with around 220k followers and Im trying to make some money from shoutouts with mediocre success.

Thing is its a really specific niche with interiors and cabins and there arent a lot of people asking me directly for shoutouts so I dm photographers and hotels and I get my buyers this way.

I do around 10-20 dms all hand written no botting.

I was considering using slaves to do that but im not sure if people would likely respond to some shady slave account.

Now i realize its a bit risky and spammy but just how risky is it? Can it get my account banned at some point?

Keep in mind i never received a single dm/like/follow block and am not using any automation on that account. The account has a healthy reach too so I am not scamming anyone.

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If you use the M / S method, your main account will certainly be safer, but no one can guarantee that you will not get banned :slight_smile:
But it will definitely be safer than using automation in the main account.
Unless you really do it with your head, then you can think, and good security, proxy etc.
Small settings, most similar to human behavior …
Regarding reputation, if you do M / S …
Hmm …
It’s hard to say because it all depends on how the M / S account will look
What message will you send etc …

Should be safe as long as you don’t send the same message over and over again. You’re not doing any automation except 20 DMs per day? That’s not risky, if the account gets banned it’s not because of the 20 DMs

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If you have a business account that has quick replies you can send unlimited DM’s over and over. Mind you only to people that DM’d you first. This is facts

Edit: only on 4G and not on a bot at all!

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No automation whatsoever. The message varies just so slightly and I am sending it to the profiles that are not following me but are likely to buy a shoutout.

Oh I didnt know about that will defo try it out! It is a business account Indeed

They won’t ban bigger accounts, I did some testing at least that’s in my case, smaller accounts could send 50-70 daily messages before one month, then after the update they started baning my accounts, I did the same with account 100k+ followers, everything the same, not a single block or anything. It need’s to have good rating


I would like to create 20+ slave accounts to promote main accounts for safety.
With the main account, you can send messages but always under 50 per day, it’s too risky to sent bulk messages.
You can put some text on your bio for business requirements.

Never put that account to bot for any reason.
Create 10-20 slaves to send DM’s with spintax.

So you think there is a risk even if I type dms manually?

What I thought is that even if a few people report me every once in a while it could sooner or later add up resulting in a ban

send only 5-10 a day manually.
my god why you risking a 220k? if you got a few more fine – but jeez, common sense tells ya not to risk.
why not put in bio
‘dm for promotional posts’

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Exactly what @Alexnvo. Ig’s climate isnt the right time to test worthy accounts

5-10 is what im sending per day.

Honestly I barely get any shoutout requests even with the “dm for promo” in the bio. It is a small niche i guess so every dm counts. There arent even too many people interested if i ask directly (about 1 in 30) so If i send it from a spammy looking slave accounts with barely any followers I thought there would be even less interest .

stop thinking they would be less this or that.
start thinking of growing …big difference.

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The growth is fine on the account at around 10k per month to this day have no idea why as im not using slaves or automation on it. Unless you meant growing financially.

I think I might give the slaves a try at some point maybe even just to test it out for now will have to stick to 5-10 a day.

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You can also monetize in other ways, shout-outs is not the only way, if your account doesn’t seem to thrive with them try something else, don’t automate it.

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