DMs how many? Limits?

Hey:) what is the current dm limit, has it changed or not? Because sometimes I have trouble with sending messages. All my messages are unique on the record.

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A safe DM daily limit is about 40 - 60 with good spintax


Spintax is? :))

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It’s the strategy to mix up your DM/Comments

Instead of Hi, how are you ?

{Hello|Hi|Hey} how are {you|ya} {?|?!}

You can go up to millions, or even more … !


Ohh okay thank you!

30 to 40 a day i would say.

My max is 40 a day.
Read here about spinning.

How important do we think it is to spin the messages rather than the same one over and over guys?
Can we get 2x the number of DMs out by spinning?

Also, on a couple of my slaves I’m getting the error message:
“request timeout for user x for message”
under “contact members”.

Any idea what this error suggests?

40-80 per day with spintax

I send max 80-99 DM

Your missing something. If your in a conversation with that person or that person is following you its a hell of a lot higher. If it’s a new target who doesn’t follow you, then as above.

Hi all,

To add to this question, if hundreds of people follow you in one day, is it safe to send an auto welcome DM to each one, even if there are hundreds in a single day?



60 max is secure with good Spintax.

The term spintax is a contraction of “spinning syntax”. Spintax is the format (or syntax) that is used by various software spinners and article submission sites that create or use spun articles. There are various spintax formats depending on what software/services you use

This is how I got round following 1000’s a day using the DM’s. I use a python bot not logged in to instagram that scrapes though a tonne of live tags quickly every few seconds checking for new targets so I can’t get banned or blocked, anyone that add’s a picture instagram AI’s has already identified in the ALT tags so I have no need to use my own picture recognition software, gets added into a database and my slave accounts then message the targets but never will message the same person twice… I also have my own picture app where I can quickly check the targets and simply ignore any accounts that I don’t want to message. So my targeting is pretty much 99.9%.


The most I ever tried was 110.

i send 120 - 140 to my followers per day, never block… and following 150… i am not using like, just the DM and follow