DMs to new followers not sending?


with one of our client we have been working for 6+ months and been sending messages to new followers since day 1. Client profile has good trust score (does follows/likes etc) on both API and EB on 4G proxy like butter without any major issues or blocks.

Suddlenly around 2 weeks ago, no messages are being sent, even thought the tool is on, settings are very conservative (15-20 messages a day) with secondary messages being sent 3-4 hours later.

As mentioned above, these settings worked since day 1. I tried clearing up pending messages, forcing extraction, but messages still are not being sent. Anybody experienced anything like this?

You’re probably best served writing support directly. There might be something specific with your setup that might be causing an issue. AFAIK there’s no inherent general DMing issues plaguing the community at the moment.


messaged them, will update with a reply thanks

I had the same thing happen to me today!

Did you get any answers from Jarvee, @andrejo ? Just sent a ticket to them myself

If you try to send from the cell phone, is it sent?

These are child accounts so I don’t have them on my phone. I have a separate VPS with a separate Jarvee instance running just for my child’s, the Jarvee on my own computer with my client accounts works just fine. That’s why I think it’s a Jarvee issue

I assume you’re using spintax?

The issue seems to be fixed.

Didn’t do anything, guess it was just an off day for my childs :smiley: