Do 5 DOTS • still work to hide hashtags?

Hey guys,

I recently wondered if these dots • still work to hide hashtags in a comment.
Please let me know what you know about that?
Did IG changed this function?


Hide hashtags?
It will be visible always… in post capture or in comment.

He means does it cause the description to get rolled up requiring people to click the text to expand it, so that the hashtags and whatever characters are long enough will get truncated.

@nslw9495n I haven’t checked with the app in a while, but the last time I used it they had updated to prevent that from working anymore. Maybe it’s changed back since, not entirely sure.

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It really doesn’t matter how long the comment is and for me this looks more terrible.

Maybe with app it looks better but my statistics shows 50% chrome…
Example :point_down:


Still works for me only when in the app. I just create longer captions and add the dots.


When I’ve tried to do it, it only works on occasion, and I’ve not seen it work on other pages so I usually just put then in the comments. However, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing


I have seen a lot of examples for this, still working in the Instagram app, although I don’t use it because it looks disgusting.
I think hiding hashtags doesn’t matter too much.


Yeah, and it’s anoying to people who want to comment.


like others have said, nothing’s changed for me in how the five dots affects the comments section.

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Thanks to y’all!

This never works for me.

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why dont you just post in a comment section if you want to hide # ?

Because it’s not the same thing! There is always a bit delay from ur post and the comment with # and it can influence your chance to get in top9!

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Just copy+paste your hashtags in comment after publish. Max 30 sec delay. This shouldn’t be a problem.


Just as there would be if you did it yourself. If it did influence your chance to get into the top 9, it would be very minimal at best.

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Oh ok ! Sorry I thought it was as I said, thank u for the correction! :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is eaxactly what I always do. Works well for me!

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