Do Any USA Residential Proxies Work for Instagram?

Seriously, every seller of Instagram proxies (even highly rated ones) seems to sell proxies that have an insanely high fraud/spam score that, at best, gets an account shadow banned.

Typically Instagram won’t even let you log in if you use one. I’m looking to literally create and manage only 2 or 3 accounts for business use and pay under $5 a month for proxies. Business use of the accounts, not spamming, etc. $90+ for 4G proxies is obscene.

  1. Do any IPV6 proxies work for IG?
  2. Do 3G mobile proxies work on IG or only 4G/5G?
  3. Are you able to use non-USA 4G proxies to manage USA Instagram accounts without any problems?

I never thought something that’s so easy would be so difficult. Thanks.

Why don’t you create your own proxy with allproxy?

  1. Its risky but may work, depends what you are doing on the accounts. I wouldn’t use them on .y mains.

  2. They can but same thing applies. What are you trying to do with the accounts.

  3. There will probably be problem. Especially if both are loggged in, doing actions at the same time.

Not sure how to do that but I want my connection anonymized (which I have achieved) with a way to manage social media at the end (needing a proxy). So that’s my primary goal. Why is IPV6 so risky? You’re not the first to say that; I’ve read that a lot. So I’m curious on that. With the accounts, I would literally be doing nothing but posting art 3-5 times a day and unfollowing a lot of people the account is following (a client’s account I’ll be taking over). Thanks. And any particular reason 3G proxies would be more risky than 4G?

Use the allproxy app on a phone and you will have an anonymous 4g proxy. If the data plan is US then its a usa proxy.

Ipv6 usually is dc. The thing with a lot of ‘residential’ suppliers is that they sell DC proxies cloaked with a different ip. Most of the cheap ones do this. A real residential willl cost a lot because they charge per gb used generally.

3g usually is used in 3rd world countries or bad networks. It will be very slow. If you are only posting it should be ok. But creating accounts on them will be an issue.

If you have a data plan. Just try allproxy. I use it for my story like accounts. Its not good to scale with but you can run a few.

You can also use wifi on allproxy. Just keep it to 3-5 accounts max to be safe

What if I don’t want any phones whatsoever to be involved in any way? What’s my best and cheapest bet for <$5 a month, if possible? Would simply using a datacenter IPV6 proxy work?