Do carousel post bans exist?

Okay, is this a thing? Despite my posts doing extremely well in hashtags (69 followers gained from a single post), instagram won’t let me post carousel posts. But then when I switch to another account on my phone it lets me do it…

Are carousel post bans a thing? Instagram hasn’t taken down any of my videos or anything…

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ok ok, more details… what happens when you try to post multiple images?

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It says there’s no internet connection when I try to post a carousel post. The first in the carousel is a pic, followed by a video. But when I remove the video, it posts.

When I switch over to a different account, it lets me post the carousel (different account, same phone, wifi, etc.)

Sure looks like a ban of some sort on that particular account… Never encountered it though on any of mine.

Analytics wise, my carousel posts just do extremely bad in hashtags. On all accounts. Considering I’m running a network… I blame it on the niche. Single pics and videos do very well however.

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It does, right?

And you’re right, I may be looking a gift horse in the mouth lol. My posts have never done better since being mainly pics

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LOL :joy:. Well carousels are good at a certain extent for my own followers though. If I post 1 pic with no hashtags I get lower reach on own followers and if I post carousel without hashtags I get a better reach on my own followers. Not sure why but I can confirm, did this test so many times now…

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The internet connection error has nothing do with bans, we see it time to time and we only can, so far, blame the app itself. Remember that “bans” are not done at the application level are done on the server.
You need to slowly understand what you are doing before the posting, I know you do lot of manual actions, there’s a chance, we’ve seen it, that the app is having a memory issue and you might solve it just killing all the processes or restaring the device.


It seems it has to do with the video… It has happened to me two times only and only while trying to upload a video. I suspect their artificial intelligence is recognizing something questionable in the video, like a music with copyright.

And it does happen unfortunately also when you use royalty free music.

I solved the problem by raising the speed of the music (by 10% I think). And it was a royalty free music. After that it worked like a charm.


That’s interesting. I uploaded the same music in the carousel to the second account and it uploaded… but I still think your theory is very good

If you try it tell me.

never heard of them.

I actually posted the exact video and pic to the second account and it posted in a carousel

Also, here’s the screenshot of what happens if I try to post carousel

I was digging into our support mailbox cause I remembered we got clients with this bug.

We recommended to our clients and worked for them:

If you are unable to add multiple photos even after getting the app updated, you can do one of the following.

  1. Uninstall the Instagram app from your phone. Re-install the app after restarting the device.

  2. Clear your cache.
    There are several apps available in the play store that you can use to clear the cache memory.

In your particular case, you use multiple accounts on the same phone/app, we found that this issue happens more often in cases like yours however users with one account also face this time to time.

In my personal experience I fixed the issue clearing the cache.

This a very old bug, never removed by IG 100%, depends on the device/OS.


thanks! Appreciate it. Edit: clear cache fixed it @IGsocialize