Do Facebook stories work like instagrams?

Like In Instagram when you follow someone you will always get their story show up on your feed when they post.

Is this the case for Facebook page stories or does Facebook not show your story to everyone? And restrict your reach?

I know they restrict normal posts but do they restrict stories?

If anyone can help would be appreciated!

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As far as I know, the reach of Stories are not limited by the algorithm on Facebook. The only thing that it influences is the order in which the stories are displayed for a user.

Thought I’m not sure, I think the only case where your story might not be shown is when a user follows a LOT of users and pages who all post stories, in which case your page story might not make the cut.

Pretty sure they’re only shown to your friendslist. I get notifications when any friend updates their FB story. I don’t know how to turn that off, so I imagine that might improve your reach. You trade off not having a public story for your friends getting notifications.