Do fb have an IP adress associated to your business manager?


I am Marti and I am a fb advertiser. I had some problems in the past with an ad account. I got 2 business managers disabled literally for little things that as they say, they were not following their policies. The thing is that I changed to a new computer and used my wife’s account. But it is getting banned really easily, to the point where I can barely advertise. What I discovered is that it has been because of the IP address.

I wanted to know if FB have an IP adress already associated to the ad accounts created (or even worst, to the whole fb) or if I change the router the problems would be over.

I would really appreciate if you could help me out with this matter.

Thank you very much,


They definitely track your IP…I developed a couple FB games and they passed the IP to the developer for years… They track everything!

Hello, I don’t understand why would they ban a different account. I checked and the IP changes if I restart the router, but they are pretty persistant into banning my ad accounts. Is there any other way they could be tracking it? I opened an ad account and was banned after 3hrs of use. Nothing wrong really, pretty normal ads…