Do I have to own a domain for run facebook ads?

Hello friends, I new in the affiliate marketing world and I want to test a product for diabetics.

I made a quiz page with clickfunnels but I dont own any domain. The domain that shows on the funnel is like

My question is if facebook dont have any problem with these type of links or is better to buy a domain?

I’m not sure will they allow it or not, but your conversion rate will surely be better if you go with a domain name. It just looks more professional and potential customers will have more trust.

You can get a domain name for like $1 or Eur and redirect it:

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You don’t technically need one, no. If you do buy one (it can result in higher trust and conv. rate, potentially) make sure you connect it directly via clickfunnels (assuming this is an option) rather than routing users through a domain level redirect. For redirects, FB will ignore the first URL and will show the final URL in the ad itself.

I would personally get a domain, and as @Adnan mentioned, they’re super cheap so there’s no real reason not to.