Do I HAVE to use a proxy?

New here to using Jarvee. I know for bot use I shouldn’t double up in a single proxy. But I’m still in the testing phases of all this and I only want one bot to manage a single longstanding personal account. When I get further along I’ll think about scaling up with more later, but should I get a proxy at even this stage? or is this just a one-way ticket to bansville?

To keep it simple, you dont really need a proxy for 1-2 accounts as long as you use it on home/mobile internet connection. In case you intend to use jarvee on a vps then only you should consider getting one.


Yes, there is no need for a proxy when you have one account and you are managing it from your home Ip, but if you want to add more I would recommend that you get 4G proxies they seem to be impeccable

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Thanks a lot!

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I was able to use 4 accounts on home IP with no proxy

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Wow! 4?!
Is there like a hard limit before IG starts to crack down?

There’s not a hard limit, but risk of bans increases with too many on same IP. Especially if the accounts are brand new

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As @Powerlifter said, the more accounts you add on one IP the more risk you take, and if IG blacklist that ip you will lose all those accounts, that is why you should take the safe road.

Running 4 accounts on home IP works just fine. It’s better than using cheap datacenter proxies.

The limit will be around 5 accounts but that depends on the spam/trust score of your home IP. If the ISP has clean IPs and you have a dedi IP with a high trust score then you can go higher than 5 accounts. Myself I wouldn’t do it (higher than 5) reason is that if you hit the higher limit and IG starts banning 1 account there is a chance that they will ban the other accounts too so I wouldn’t risk it :slight_smile:

If im not mistaken, each account should have an unique IP, as in case one goes down, the others wouldnt.

Yes correct, so they can’t bind your accounts together.

it’s better that way, when using one account per IP you can keep your accounts safe and it will help you avoid IG blocks as well and your account trust score might increase.

exactly! Not to mention the risk of using bots and so on

When you are working the account from home the IP “quality” doesn’t matter, IG knows your wifi name, router, etc etc, so it’s clear for them you are a “home” user, of course if then you start an automation :wink: and perform actions on many accounts at the same time IG will not only flag your IP but also your internal network, devices and apps.

For IG is ok 5 devices in the same IP and LAN or even more, just common sense, how many devices a family own??. But that all of them are using IG at the same time is other thing :wink:

Final tought, if you automate sooner or later you will be detected, that IG lets you do your “automation” is other story.