Do I need a scraper to repost using Jarvee?

I am looking up the number of uploads you can make per day on instagram and I have read there is no limit.

I have a good proxy and a new instagram account with a profile and bio , I connected this account to jarvee to only repost , I have a few filters and limits and over the past 3 days my account has been working fine , my question is, do I need a scraper for reposting? or will my account be ok if I am only using jarvee to repost ?

Thank you all for your answers and happy new year!

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I would say you don’t need a scraper.

How many actions are you executing?
How many results are getting ignored because of your filters?

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it’s always a good idea to avoid doing API calls with the main account so if you can add a scraper to that it should be helpful.

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Check your API statistcs in Social profiles tab. If the account only does < 250 API Calls per day with your current filters and sources, then you don’t need a scraper (imo).

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if i have 2 accounts connected to the same proxy with each doing about 200-250 API Calls/day , would that mean i need to switch to 1 account per proxy if i decide not to use a scraper?

I would do 1 account per proxy and would say you don’t need a scraper.

What kind of proxy are you using? Those accounts will get delayed once they reach 250 API Calls regardless of what those API Calls are for. You can continue running both accounts on the same proxy.

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you can keep 2 accounts per proxy if you can’t afford one account per proxy (main accounts) but for the scrapers, you should always have them of separated proxies never on the same one as the main account.

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i’m using private proxies (social media proxies) by Highproxies, been working fine with no temp locks for the past 6 months, but i still wanted to make sure it won’t happen. better be ready than hopeful.

no scrapers used, I thought i needed scrapers for the repost but since i don’t exceed the 250 API Calls mark, then apparently i’m fine without them :slight_smile:

reposting through API or EB?

yes if you are planning on using only the repost tool then it’s fine to have 250 API calls per day just in case you want to use other tools make sure to add scrapers

That’s great. I would buy another proxy if I were you. Although two accounts on the same proxy should work just fine, but I wouldn’t want to take a risk, especially since it’s been working well without temp locks.