Do I need a Weebly pre lander?

For link in bio Do I need a Weebly pre lander connected to ripped landing page or can I use the ripped ogads landing page directly which is hosted with unique domain name?

It will be way better if you use your unique pre lander instead of using ogads landing page that maybe a lot of people used it before.

how about a tumblr pre lander?

Any web 2.0 pre lander will work fine. Make sure CPA link isn’t visible on the page. The g+ share post trick will also work fine. Or sharing your post on Twitter and adding it to your IG account in bio. A lot of options there for pre landers, check forum for more, you’ll find them.

@Adnan I have a call to action buttonon the pre lander that takes it to the direct cpa landing page. is that ok?
And is Tumblr a web 2.0?

That should be fine, but shorten the link that is attached to button with or so it’s not visible as CPA link.

Tumblr blog is considered web 2.0, yes.

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