Do I need new IP/proxy?

I am currently using home WiFi. Also can use my SIM card 4G internet as a hotspot. I would be doing automated engagement on single account at a time (non-jarvee). This engagement would include a combination of story views, likes, comments, saves etc. For example, Story view on 2 hashtags then going to explore page to engage for 2 minutes, then coming to home feed to watch stories for 2 mins then engaging on hashtag feed posts then coming to saves section of profile and re-open those posts and engage on them etc and so on…
My concerns is, I want to do this automated engagement on multiple accounts. I’m making the engagement to appear as humane as I can. Also, wouldn’t be active on more than one account simultaneously. Do I stand a risk of getting my IP banned? Do I have to buy a proxy or VPN or something?
If yes, Can I use any of my family member’s hotspot?

How many accounts do you want to do those actions with exactly?
your home IP is way better than a proxy or VPN, it’s best to stick with your home IP.
If you need to change your IP, you can try to restart your router, see if it will change.

Thanks for the response.
I wish to use it on around 10 IG accounts. At least initially.

You mentioned that you’re not going to run the accounts simultaneously, so it should be fine to do those actions on 10 accounts. No need to buy proxy or VPN.

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Of those ten, which ones are you going to use at the same time? Also, I wouldn’t recommend scaling up with this setup…

I didn’t catch you there.
What do you mean by

I am planning to do automation as the need arises. Currently I have about 10 accounts (including mine and friends and family) on my mind. Not planning to run automation on all 10, everyday. Also, in case, you missed it, then I have mentioned that automated engagement would happen only on one account at a time.

If you plan on using 1 account for x minutes and then switching to another it should be fine. It just might be hard to scale up since you’re limited to the amount of time in a day.

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For up to 10 accounts, your home connection should be fine. However, I suggest you don’t start all 10 acc at once, but scale it gradually. 3 accounts, 5 accounts, and so on.

Also, check if your home connect re-allocates a new IP when you reset (turn off) your router. This should give you extra IPs to play with because some Internet Service Providers are setup like this (they offer a static IP to a particular router for as long as that router is on and when you turn it off and on again, the ISP will allocate another IP).

Yes. I have heard about it. But there is also a factor about HOW MANY last digits change? Correct me if I am wrong.
Here’s what I heard,
If 2-3 digits change then it won’t matter much. It is also about the decimal point in the number. If the left side digits change, then we can safely say IP has changed.

Please confirm and shade some light on these things.

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@fluid_eye you’re talking about subnets and IP classes.

If an IP is, you can say that it’s safest when you see changes from the third quadrant (the 67 section).

And you are even more save when the second quadrant changes.

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Very good pointđź‘Ť
This is, btw, one of the huge advantages of 4G proxies :wink:
You can also check some online databases for your IP.

Though since none of these sites are used by IG or FB, you should not rely on those :sweat_smile:

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Well obviously IG/FB have their own DBs, probably the biggest ones around. But better than nothing.

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If I am not wrong, I have seen only 4th quadrant changing. I don’t remember I saw anything changing beyond that dot in the entire string.

The only service that is used professionally (by companies and payment processors) and you can use it too to check for an IP score is MaxMind: