Do I need proxies if automating on a single account for late 2019? I still get hit with blocks

Do I need proxies if automating on a single account? What should I do to stop the blocks? I keep getting them after the Jarvee update. It is so annoying. Any fixes?

You don’t need proxies. The blocks have nothing to do with the software either.

So is Instagram still going hard on automation? The blocks are still occurring heavy. I just reset the device ids in a long time and I cleared cookies. Hopefully now I can start automating on my one account :T

this is not true.

I thought the same thing. Thank you.

If you use automation you will get blocks, thats it. How much blocks you get depends on a LOT of factors like account creation method, device, warmup settings, proxies, to name only a few.

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Actually for single accounts it’s fine to run without proxy. But it will really depend on your previous automation history with the ip. If you have hard time to doing actions on jv try to use proxy or change the ip. Sometimes it might help.

Not sure why people keep spreading lies. It has already been 4 months and we’re still arguing over the same thing?

Have you done any proper testing? Or are you just giving your opinion?

I did my testing, thats why half the functions dont work properly and a few extra stuff? You‘ve always been the guy that defends this software when it‘s clear people are dropping off right now.

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It’s also clear the forum is a lot more quiet = many people have figured stuff out

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Or dropped off?

I don’t even understand what you’re saying.

I’ll continue to defend the software as long as it works.

I don’t really care if people are dropping off. IG was going for the lowest hanging fruit and it got them.
Just leaves more for the ones on top :tangerine:


That metaphor. That’s deep bruh. I felt it :pear::green_apple: @synch

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Yea I have been testing on a few different accounts that are my personal accounts that I have been running for over a few years interacting manually and both with MP. I believe I am extremely organic / natural in my accounts and the way i interact as if i am just a user on my phone. But i have found that since this year (Particularly may) the software is terrible. Especially on insta, then facebook, twitter and the rest. Its a shame. Because I have put a lot oif money into it. I have tried everything sugegsted on these socials and the rest of the internet. I can use my account fine on my phone. But even with a mobile proxy i cant make it work consistently on MP even with long breaks and trying to do one like

sorry then you clearly are doing something wrong…
it it still absolutely doable, just takes 10x more read time and testing.

ok I guess i will look into it more

exactly what is happening to me as well.

what am I missing?