Do I need to do some specific cleaning on phone before creating another 5x IG accounts?

I have Android phone with 5x IG accounts on it. But I upload through PC so I don’t use those accounts in my phone.

I want to put another SIM card and create another 5x IG accounts which I want to use from my phone.
Do I need to do some specific cleaning?

I plan to:
-uninstall IG App
-replace SIM card
-change IP for this phone - WiFi/4G
-install IG App

Is this enough? I want other apps and settings to be the same. I also would like to leave my Google account the same to have access to Play Store but IG would know that’s me? But there’s no law that I can’t use new IG accounts… :wink: I’m not talking about bots/automation etc.

I simply want new safe 5x IG accounts made manually :slight_smile:

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Well they track device ID and stuff so they would see that its the same device. You should just buy another cheap android device to manage those other 5 accounts. That would be the best/safest/easiest way to manage 10 accounts since you can only manage 5 per phone.


for sure need at least a new device id using a rooted device.


You can do it with some app like Parallel.
I think they generate another set of unique IDs so you should be fine.


Thanks for replies, guys :slight_smile:

The go-to method for creating accounts securely is with a rooted android phone. If you’re wanting to make lots more accounts on mobile then look into that. If you’re only needing another handful then perhaps just create them on somebody elses phone/s and you’ll be right.


Is it really the best way? there are others factors to keep in mind other than device id?

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Also interested to understand what can get you a “clean” phone

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What excaly do you change. And what phone do you use?