Do I really need a proxy?

Hi everyone!

I have one question.

The thing is that i have 2 accounts of instagram (one personal and one for the blog), and two other on twitter in the same way (personal and blog). Maybe i use also the facebook fanpage if i don’t need to buy a proxy.

so, i really need to buy a proxy for these 4 accounts? its necessary? (take on consideration that in my personal account i used to retweet and follow the same profiles in the same niche)

if the asnwer is NO, should i use mass planner in a lower agressive way (im not using in agressivly right now).

Thanks for your atenttion!

if ur using 2 ig accounts and 2 twitter accounts no u don’t. I recommend testing the limits on ur phone till u get blocked then setting it up on mp.


Thanks man! Im afraid on testing that thing hahaha

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No you don’t need proxy.

If you do not test you will not know how hard you can push things.

There are plenty of threads where people share their settings, journeys.

Ask yourself do you need to be aggressive? What is your end goal?

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First of all, thanks for the reply.

Im not necessary agressive. For example, in instagram im following like 300 o 400 per day (im using the settings of a user who get naturally with mass planner like 70k in some months in many accounts whitout being banned). I don’t know if these is agressive.

So, i know for twitter is quite different, im scared of being banned and say bye to an account that have 1,5k in some years (all naturally with no bots)

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I think your post is not finished

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Now its finished! Sorry!

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I can’t say for twitter never worked with it.
But I do know that it is very hard to work with it since they are very very very strict.
Again no experience there since I have never worked with it.

IG is safe if you say that you use someones settings from this forum.
A link to that guide would be nice so we can all see and help you further.
It’s not only about follow, unfollow, like, comment, dm, hashtag. It is also about intervals, actions per hour, image id, video id. Do you credit people for the images if their not yours. etc

I can give you the guide, but its in a spanish forum :smiley: hahaha Check if you want anyway, at least for the pics. He get good results. (

And yes, instagram seems to be safe, but twitter… buff.

My goal? No specific goal. I want to grow those profiles to get visitors on my blog and make a strong brand identity whit future customers.

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No worries Google can translate it :D.

I will go through it but not now, I am sorry have to update my 20 accounts with new BIO.

So it’s long term.
I would suggest to not push it. Slow and steady wins the race.

If you wish to get some proxies.
Here you are.

If you wish to buy accounts.
Google you will find plenty sources look for 3+ months without PV.
PVA cost more and you will need to PV them after a while anyway.

Get a few accounts ~5
Throw them in MP grow them.
Send the traffic to your main account.
It’s safer this way if you wish to be more aggressive.

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No. For real. WAT?


You don’t need different proxies except to stay safe. Not all proxies work the same though depending on your provider.


Thanks for the reply.

Should i buy one for twitter? And leave my ip for the instagram? Or you keep doing with my own ip in that 4 accounts?

In case i buy one, im gonna do it on highproxies (MP recommende it).

Don’t mind me, just increasing my post count.

Now then …