Do I use computer to create 1 Facebook account?

I changed to new IP address in November. I opened 1 Facebook account in December by cell phone number when using IP and added an e-mail. I plan to open new Facebook account in same IP address with same cell phone number and an e-mail. I deleted the cell phone number in other Facebook account I opened in same IP. I clear cookies all time.

The IP address and cell phone number are from same country.

Is it safe to do in computer?

Couple of accounts (2-3) from same PC and IP is not a problem.

The question is, what you’re going to do with them? Will they get banned depends on actions you’ll do on those accounts.

I create Facebook account for personal use. My other Facebook account is in 5000 friends.

If you use Jarvee and have proxy, you can easily create accounts through its embedded browser. Each account will have its own cookies, IP that you assigned to it and you shouldn’t have problems.

@garyjones027 SIM cards don’t have static IPs, so since december, chances are that your ISP changed several times the IP address of your SIM card.

Which is safe to create 1 Facebook account? Computer or cell phone?

I use 1 IP address on my computer and cell phone.

I’d recommend using phone and its mobile internet.

Here’s a post that you might be interested in, it’s about promoting business, but there’s a talk about creating FB profiles too.

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Can I use computer after creating Facebook account on cell phone?

Is it safe to create 1 Facebook account using Google voice phone number?

Did you use to create Facebook account?

I moved all your topics here. Please don’t open multiple threads on same/similar topic. You could have asked all this in one thread :slight_smile:

You mean, can you use your FB account on your PC after creating account on phone? Answer is yes, you can, there shouldn’t be problems.

I never used G voice phone number for FB account creation, but if Facebook allows you to create account with it, then go for it.

For that blog post you linked above is that still working? Adding friends like that on FB? When I tried that I got locked out or photo requested within 1 friend request. I cant see requesting 500 friends on FB working with how strict they are now days but if the Jarvee team is able to then maybe im doing something wrong or leaving footprints etc.

If you followed all steps and still getting blocked, then they probably patched it

You can try it but start different.
I made a fake account, pretty woman. Posted comments in some groups. After 2 days and auto accepting friend requests I am over 800 friends, without even sending 1 friend request myself.
I see from there if I can find more targeted accounts.Now there are only men wanting to get laid.