Do jarvee follow settings work according to your PC's time or the timezone of the IG account?

Hey all, I have just acquired some international clients and am wondering if I should adjust the timers in Jarvee to align with their timezone i.e. setting the timers back how ever many hours that client is behind or ahead of my timezone, or simply put in the standard 8am-5 etc and Jarvee conducts actions when it’s 8am + for that user?

Any help is appreciated! Cheers

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Time is taken from your PC.

As far as when to do things, it’s probably smart to coordinate with your clients so you don’t go overboard with actions.


As synch mentioned, pc time.

Yeah PC time. But make sure to change your PC’s time zone to the 00:00 format rather than the 0:00 AM/PM. It will save you from headaches!!! Especially when using batches of 4G proxies, it is really easy to mess up settings with the other format.

Is this true also if I’m using an Amazon VPN? I mean, if the server is in USA, can I just change time time zone on the VPN (the clock of the remote pc) and I will be fine?

There is an option in settings to use local PC time and culture. I’m fairly certain that if this option is not checked, Jarvee will not use a uniform timestamp across all accounts. Has anyone experimented with this…?


Yeah You can just change it. It is ticked by default to use the local time settings, maybe if you just simply uncheck it will do the job. Hope it helps.

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I had to check this option bacause it was desabled.

Is this the right option in order to use the pc time correct?

Yes! :slight_smile: It is that.