Do location tags to posts help?

My target audience is in another countries than my current location.

  1. Would the location tag help me avoid local engagement or engagement from unwanted regions?
  2. Does that increase the chances of reaching more to the people located in the region of the location tag?
  3. If location tags help, should I try different locations (different countries) for different posts or shall I stick with the same location tag for every post? Would the usage of different locations confused the algorithm as to where it should disseminate my page content more?
  4. Should I use macro level location tags? For example, a city name Or I should use micro level location tag? For example, a street name.

I think it helps, but I’m not sure it will make a big difference honestly. I didn’t try with some split tests all around - but the positive effect might be rather small

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It’s never seemed to make much of a difference for me, but ask me again in a few months - I’m testing it out again now! :sweat_smile:

I prefer to use macro-level location tags on the off-chance that if a post does well on the Top Posts section I’d rather get the top post for Paris than Avenue Mirebeau.

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