Do not allow accounts to run without proxy?

Is this a setting many of you guys implement? Do you keep your accounts valid when changing proxies? Could someone please share what their proxy page settings look like?

I personally don’t use that option. I have only the Keep accounts valid when changing the account proxy option checked in Proxy manager tab.

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cool thank you

yeah I use that option and I would recommend you to use that and make sure to keep you accounts valid when changing proxies

The option is useful because as soon as you change proxy for one of your accounts they automatically go to Pending status and need to be verified again. Sometimes changing proxy can cause some sorts of verification requests for your accounts.

I recommend always using it if you use only 4G proxies or set up rotation between proxies in Jarvee itself

You want the proxy change happen while your account is valid in JV. I believe this looks more “real”.
An unvalid account which previously has run on another IP, suddently becomes valid on a different IP, double red flag which may highly raise a verification.

Is there a possibility that the accounts run without proxies during the proxy rotation? I didn’t think that was possible.

No, there’s no such probability. Jarvee even has a manual rotation button. You can click on her and see how they spin

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Do not allow acounts to run without proxy I keep it checked. If the IPs change somehow for the accounts, it could trigger a cascade of verification steps and even block the accounts so this is safe.