Do Not Mention Software Names In Level 1 Threads

Please avoid mentioning software names. We are all most likely using the same program so just say “program”. It really isn’t that hard.


I want some of what you’re smoking. :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, PM’ing you.

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Bruh. Okay! Sorry bout that.

Ok, thanks :wink:

Jarvee is the exception to the rule


Correct me if i ´m wrong, in my attempt to correct you because you ´re wrong.
Tell me what software names pop up in the ig marketing section. I ´ll tell you, it’s Jarvee.

Do you have Asperger’s?

Autistic people are misunderstood smart guys.
If you wanna call me a misunderstood genius feel free to.
However wether you are capable to know it or not, jarvee is the exception to the rule. :slight_smile:

What “programs” are these guys talking about on our nature lovers board?


The wildlife conservation program of course!

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First rule of fight club


Can’t we all just get along? :slightly_smiling_face: