Do not waste money on shout outs!

Before you debate me hear me out.

Small accounts will not grow from large accounts shoutouts unless they are very unique and still fit with in that niche. The large accounts most likely to lots of s4s with a lot more bigger pages. So, a small page getting a shoutou will go unnoticed. Only a select few accounts don’t do s4s and they charge a lot.

The other factor is the content. I run a 117k comic account. Someone pays me to shoutout their 2k comic account that posts similar pics which see also similar to pics of the big pages in my engagement group… no follows basically.

Then you also have to take cost into play. A page like mine will charge you between $25-50us for a shoutout. Even with a good page you may only gain 100-200 followers. That could be $125-250us per thousand follows (math may be wrong lol). Lets just say a lot of money will be spent building up your account. When its cheaper to do it manually or doing automation at the start. Especially when your not selling anything.

Big accounts shouldn’t buy shoutouts unless they are selling products or trying to build a brand. They should do s4s and can even get their smaller pages shouted out.

Ecom stores and any products are the only ones I recommend. If done right you can make a lot of money and build your following fast. THE KEY IS HAVING AN ORIGINAL PRODUCT THAT HAS PICS GOOD ENOUGH TO HIT EXPLORER!

You will just waste money doing shoutouts with terrible pics or pics taken directly off aliexpress. The key to success on ecom is great viral pictures and networking/ getting your brand out. Give out free merch to celebrities, to influencers. Create affiliate systems for your loyal customers to help grow for you.

I have worked with a lot of guys doing shout outs and I thought I would give some value to those that are thinking of investing in them. I actually feel bad when someone pays me to shoutout their page or product and I know they wont do well. This is why I usually give them tips and if they don’t listen that’s is on them.

Here are two examples of ecom shoutouts. One did terrible, one hit explorer.! The first one was one of my regulars selling masks. He charges anywhere form 1-3k per mask and I charge $50us. On the first pic attached you will see how many clicks he got. He got 5 sales (3-5 I’m sure) from this post alone. Then…

A good marker will have a pixcel on their site and will retarget ads to any person that clicks. So, he probably made a lot more sales in the long run.

The second post is one that didn’t hit explorer, it was an aliexpress dropshipping promo.


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Some businesses are built off of influencer marketing.


Yeah but they grow faster off the powerlikes and repeated shoutouts. Not as in one shoutout for a fixed price. Thats not influencer marketing.

And if you mean loops, they screw your accounts engagement rate and the followers leave you anyway.
Only good way to do that is with products in the same nice as the influencer

I’m talking about brands here, not theme pages and gaining followers, sales. I highly doubt that e-commerce giants like Fashion Nova and others pay for powerlikes, because they simply don’t need to and it’s not really a thing anymore.

I’m talking about full scale influencer campaigns where you formulate a list of influencers with good quality audiences and a loyal following, and then split testing the sales they all generate respectively and continue to pay the ones that make an ROI, there are countless brands that do just this, and I’d be worried if there were big e-com brands that didn’t do this in some way shape or form.

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Yeah. They are called ecom which I said work with shoutouts. I never said you couldn’t sell products

Ie if you look at the first post pic. The guy sells masks and charges $1000-3000 a mask. He sold 5 masks off that shoutout and paid $50us

Read the whole post before you debate

Influencer marketing is completely different then just paying for one shoutout. Those companies do affiliate promos give out products etc. There’s way more than a shoutout

if u do Shoutouts correctly, are way powerful that many online/offline marketing strategy out-there.

( of course just one shoutout from one page, is pretty much no-sense )