Do # of Posts daily increase/decrease engagement?

Just curious ya’ll, how many times do you post daily?

And do you find that the number of daily posts can increase or decrease engagement?

I have a theory that posting more than once per day decreases engagement because each post has time in the “instagram spotlight” of sorts. And if the engagement is well in a short time, instagram will show that post to more people. But if posting more than once per day, instagram will limit and divide the “spotlight” essentially, causing each post to get less shine. Hopefully that made sense but this is what I’ve noticed with my personal account.

Have you noticed differently?

I think this can differ by account and niche . On most of my “growing” accounts I post 3 times daily . The advantage with posting once daily is that it is cheaper to buy “power likes” and other things for the daily post .

As an Internet Marketer , I highly recommend testing it for your account and your niche . Only that will make sure you get the best results for your specific situation .


True. thanks for the insight