Do Telegram Like Rounds mess up your Algorithm?

Hey Guys,

I am new here and I apologize for my bad english. It’s not my main language.

I currently start a new Instagram account for marketing purposes and was wondering if “Telegram Like and comment rounds” mess up your algorithm and get you shadow banned or if they are safe to use?


Moritz Benedikt

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I’m not sure for this, but i have experince when using other tool to give 1 post 4000*c like. It’s must be new post, and it’s show on top post just like 1 hour when I checked the hastag. After 1 hour i can’t find it anymore on top post. I think it must be shadowban, but i’m not sure until come up with another test.

*i got like instant, 4000 like in 10 minutes.

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The right way to do it is to not use your own account to give the likes or comments. Use a proxy account to give and your account to receive. i do this for my clients and they love it. some even have grown viral this way when they post a few minutes before the rounds start.


Are those groups dead? I just searched in Telegram and all I found was 1 group with 2k members but 6 people participated in the last round? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: