Do We Really Need Multiple 4G Proxies?

Do we really need multiple 4G proxies in nowadays world?

well, you should never settle for shared proxy your account will be banned always make sure that you are using private ones 100% if not better to create you own proxies and limts accounts to 5 max.

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Yes, but why do we limit the amount of accounts to only 5 or 10 and don’t use 1 proxy for an unlimited amount of Instagram accounts? (I’m using private 4G proxies, but just wonder why the limit)

A single 4G Mobile Proxy connection can only have one IP address at the same time.
Connecting (performing actions) multiple IG accounts at the same time, to the same 4G proxy, will give each of those IG accounts the same IP address at that time.
If IG sees similarities between these accounts, they will link them and you do not want that with too many accounts. Similarities can be anything from account creation time, emails, phone numbers, bio, posts, Google ID or any of the other fingerprints that IG tracks, or is trying to track. .

If you only have one 4G proxy, you can rotate (change the IP) of the proxy at different intervals and then connect with different IG accounts within these interval slots. This will at least not link them together by ip addresses.

Worst case is that one IG account performs some actions that IG doesn’t like and bans that account AND all the other IG accounts also, that it linked to it. Also to consider are Shadow Bans.

So the safe way to do it would be to use not more than approximately 5x IG accounts on one 4G proxy at the same time. Since the IG app itself let’s you connect approximately 5x accounts, it’s a good starting point. But those 5x IG accounts are for sure linked by IG.

Best way to find out is to test it, and then test it again. That’s what professional 4G proxy providers do, since they have the resources and means to test through the different ISPs they use. Many factors and a lot of work (time) goes into this.

If you ever wonder why 4Gproxy providers give you trials, it’s for these tests for example.


Very well explained. Thanks a lot!

Very well said. But I want to suggest to only use it for a max of 2 accounts.

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The less :point_right: the better

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IG will automatically detect that you have many accounts running from the same IP which is against their policy and they will block them.

Depends on what you’re using the proxies for. Account creation? Work with one rotatable proxy product for ~15 accounts. Scraping? If you get rotatable proxies you can run multiple cycles of scrapes.

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If you’re going to use proxies from multiple locations that are far from each other, then it’s better to avoid rotating proxies. But if you have let’s say 5-6 proxies from the same location, for example, London, you can use Rotate proxies since that will mimic human behavior even better. People do move around and connect to different Wi-Fi’s and that’s what the rotation tries to emulate.

Yes, the whole purpose of rotating proxies is to mimic human behavior when moving and changing locations/IP addresses but of course IP addresses should be close in order for that to work.

do you rotate ip for clients/mains? I think every 6 hours can be good idea.

this is a nice point to remember

That sounds good. For me, I would personally put one account on a proxy for 8 hrs (to make it look like I’m at the work wifi), then another proxy with a longer interval (which will reflect as my house wifi), then others in between can be like wifi at the mall, coffeeshop, etc.

If you’re doing Social Media automation 4g proxies are best but you got to choose the private 4G proxies rather than the shared ones. They might be a little bit more expensive but you can be sure that your accounts are safe given the right interval for rotation. How many accounts are you running? Having multiple 4G proxies is case-to-case basis but if you run 5-10 accounts only, you can have 2 private 4G proxies — one for your main accounts and one for scraper accounts.

I would still say, go for 2 accounts per proxy at most, even if you are using 4G Mobile proxies.

Do you say that we can have 5 accounts on the same 4G proxy, automated for like 6 hours, then the 4G proxy rotate its IP, and for the next 6 jours we can connect 5 differents account, then stop and rotate its IP again, and with this new IP we can connect and automate 5 more accounts again for 6 hours. So 15 accounts in 18 hours ?

Yes that’s right. You can do that without problem.

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That depends on the number of accounts you automate. I’m in the Twitter game and I run 15 Twitter accounts per 1 mobile proxy without issues

that’s good man the max that I was able to run is 8 per proxy before PV’s and EV’s start to hit then i had to cut back few accounts, but I guess you are using a lot of rotation.