Do You Create Content for your Clients?

Do you take care of getting traffic (f/uf,using quality hashtags…) or also creating the content itself and not outsourcing it

i would like to for example validate x,y type of post ,give ideas on what type of post/caption… can be , but for the content creation process cant really do it for all clients

how you guys handle this?

Hi @StormBoy I’m not really sure what you are asking, is your general question how do we create content for us or our clients and what is the general process?


We create content for some clients, just stories or posts with after effects, boosting their content a bit. We also have a photographer who takes photos of places and businesses, but we don’t do influencer content, although that would be a possibility in some cases. But all of that depends on each client.

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getting involved in content creation plus IG management would be very difficult especially that content is very crucial in account growth and you be 100% responsible for that account growth that why I don’t do it at all and I think you should avoid that (just a personal opinion).

I do some content creation for one company, but I’m lucky that I could sit down and explain exactly what their problems were and what needed to be done to fix it. We had to compromise between their vision and what would actually work! :sweat_smile:

For me, content creation and a knowledge of what works is what gave me the edge over a few other potential agencies.

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interesting , and are you editor/designer, or you work with a team that handle this and you suggest how post should looks like,giving ideas,and team take care of writing right caption,and posting?

so you only take care of getting traffic (f/uf,shoutouts…) ?

yes, that what I do and what I recommend, because getting into content creation will put a lot of pressure on you especially if you have many clients it will be just a nightmare.

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As luca said that’s a huge responsibility but on the other hand if you are a social media accounts manager you’ll bump to those kinds of requests from clients sooner or later. I would personally go through some successful accounts from your niche and check how their posts look like and try to do something similar but still unique.


Yes, I am, but I work with a team that handles content creation. You could contact a freelancer you like how he works to give them work.

If you spend a lot of time maintaining / growing accounts, that might be a lot of work, but you can work with a friend or a professional to make more money. Some clients want posts, stories, others just a picture of their local, some a caption + hashtags, but we don’t usually post content with their account, so we save a lot of time. The idea is to just create content, we don’t want to be community managers, but sometimes we schedule posts, it depends on what each client is willing to pay.

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