Do you even block bro

I’m trying out a little blocking, I wonder who else does this and how you get on?

I’ve got a 10k account im using. Im going to rinse the entire account of anyone who has not posted within 30 days to start with. After this I’ll see what I’m left with and check the engagement on new posts.

If it’s successful I’ll then pull out people who have not engaged for 25 days and see what that does.

Anyone else do this or similar?

Would be good if we could filter who’s signed in x amount of days ago that would be more accurate. I know a few people who engage but don’t post much you see.

I’m doing a cleanse soon. Not one followers who haven’t posted, but followers who haven’t engaged in any of my posts.

bad idea. many, many of my most loyal followers have not posted in months. do this…go and see who liked your posts. then go to their account. out of 10 you might see a great deal haven’t posted in 60 days or more. that person you getting rid of…out of that 10 that like your account…you delete them. and those likes you get.

Better to stick to deleting people who didn’t interact with you, because even on my personal account sometimes I don’t post for 30 days, doesn’t mean I’m not liking pictures or being active on it.

I have not tried this, but you can remove followers without needing to block them.

I have done some experiments with blocking - it works if done right BUT the time you spend doing it is not worth it. You could do a lot more things in the same time for much better ROI.

Good points raised here people, thanks for that.
I’d rather choose people who have not engaged but I don’t think I can.

I will rethink this strategy

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