Do You Get More PVAs On Sundays/Mondays?

I have been mostly a lurker here on this excellent forum, but guess it’s time to start contributing as well.:blush:

Have any of you guys that run 100+ Instagram accounts noticed a higher frequency of PVAs on Sundays and/or Mondays?

For the last 6 to 8 weeks we are normally never getting any PVAs during the week, but on Sunday or Monday…BOOM! We get loads.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but it’s starting to feel too frequent to be random!

I’m wondering if IG could be looking at the actions over the week and simply adding them up at the end of the week, and if it’s over their threshold send a PVA?

Sounds too simple, right?

At the moment it’s the only explanation I have though, as we have changed NOTHING else on the accounts getting hit and it’s happening several weeks in a row now.


This is interesting, will keep an eye on this. What activities do you have scheduled for the accounts and how fast are you doing it? Do you have nightmode on the accounts? Are you sharing proxies with the accounts or it’s 1:1?


The activities are the same as the rest of the week, following/unfollowing, liking and sending DMs.

In regards to speed nothing has changed over the last few weeks, (or very little), but yet all the PVs seem to come either on Sundays or Mondays…

Nightmood is about 8 hours for all accounts but randomized.

Proxies are not shared between accounts, they’re all 1:1.

Even if you haven’t tracked it, do you have anecdotal experiences or a “gut feeling” that there are more PVs on Sundays/Mondays @mommyfats?

I don’t have that many accounts running but I’ve been experiencing the same.

I don’t pay attention to the day i get PVA but i will start to pay more attention now. Are u using Chinese numbers?

Honestly, not really, until you mentioned it

Any chance you can monitor your accounts from now on and reply here when your account is asking for PVA at the exact moment so that we can have a case study?

Maybe you’re flagged during the week and they just do a cleanup on Sunday/Monday.

“Maybe you’re flagged during the week and they just do a cleanup on Sunday/Monday.”

Well yes @stormmarketing this was my thought as well. It seems a bit “too simple” for me though…?

However, I have been reading comments in another thread from @euhero (I think) about a kind of “spam score” that gets monitored over time. That thread was discussing this in terms of accounts getting banned months later, but maybe it acrually happens over a shorter period of time…like a week?

The idea of a “spam score” rings true with me from many years of experience with Google SEO, although I tend to think of it more as a “trust score”.

IMO it’s quite likely that IG works in a similar way and the exposure you get depends at least in part of your “trust score”.

As a side note all of the accounts that we have had that have been banned, (not many) had links in them, but they have had those links for some time. These were forwarded to our own pages though and not some crappy CPA offer, but we have never had an account with a good domain in it banned…so it COULD be another factor that affects your “trust score” or “spam score”.

“Any chance you can monitor your accounts from now on and reply here when your account is asking for PVA at the exact moment so that we can have a case study?”

I’m a bit weary of leaving such a footprint in case this forum is monitored but I guess if more people agreed to do this we could do it as well?

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@GetSocial Honestly I have never been able to get to work, always bans my accounts no matter what, even aged accounts. Hell even a on my landing pages caused bans. Maybe it counts as a “high spam score” so if other actions are on the edge, would throw it over. Spam scores make sense, it’s how email anti spam systems work. It actually explains why I always have to let my accounts rest for 2/3 days after I add a link into bio. I think you’re onto something here.

Maybe you are right, I have 8 account got PVAs yesterday and all of them have been banned :((

I agree @GetSocial. :slight_smile:

I started a new thread to discuss the whole idea of an Instagram “Trust Score” and “Spam Score” and to come up with ideas of how we can perhaps improve it! :grinning:

Join in over here:

Then we can keep this thread more on the topic if others are indeed seeing more PVs on Sundays/Mondays than during the rest of the week.

It’s Sunday and once again we were hit with a lot of PVs and many from accounts that were hit with a PV last Sunday/Monday.

Let’s hope it won’t continue into Monday as well like it has over the last few weeks… :confused:

What about you? Are you seeing more PVs on Sundays/Mondays?

Seems like doomsday. I keep reading more and more news about accounts running on MP being banned

Nah its not doomsday…just a set-back. :wink:

A phone verification is really no big deal, other than that is takes time and the account is down for a while.

There is always a risk of the account getting banned though when it’s going through a PV, (we had a few being banned last week after the PV but got all but one back with photo verification).

I have read a lot of your posts @PortraitPhotography and I think we may have a similar mindset in the sense that we want to build for “stability”, “long-term” and with as little hassle as possible.

This is how I built all my online businesses since 1999, but I’m starting to think of Instagram differently lately.

I’m thinking of Instagram more as a “traffic platform” where I can get very cheap clicks compared to other advertising venues.

As long as I either build my email lists with these people and/or turn them into customers I am still getting huge value out of it, even if its annoying to lose some accounts here and there.

@Adnan has a great quote/saying on his profile:

“For every account they delete, create two new ones”.

If you think about how easy and cheap it is for us to create two new IG accounts and start posting on them, the power of that statement is incredible!

Basically, they can never win (unless they ban all of our accounts, and that’s just not happening at the moment).

Sorry to go off-topic here in my own thread, but I just feel that myself and many others are “overthinking it”. We just need to accept the rules of the game, be ready for it and take advantage of this amazing (almost) free traffic for as long as it’s available! :smiley:


If this were an Instagress or Fanharvest forum, you might hear the exact same thing.

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The more people use it and considering many are new to this and don’t know to take is slow, this is quite normal. If they would do it manually they would have the same outcome

Yup i get most PVA on weekends not Monday though it’s sat n Sunday for me but my accs don’t have a nightime

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figured it out, see if those accs are following only via embedded browser, i don’t know some of my accounts are only following via embedded browser. i tried turning of the eb but then they can’t follow. I will stop the follow tool for 2-3 days now.

Had the same thing with Facebook around 5 months ago, all the accounts create on Wednesday worked like a charm, but when I create in other days instant disabling, maybe there is an actual system.