Do you guys use influencers to promote your product?

Hey there,

as you know every “Influencer” uses engagement groups nowadays and or Powerlikes or whatever…

It seems no one has a true follower base anymore but only generates likes through those groups.

Anyone in here that has tried to promote their product via influencer marketing and can give us some tips on how to choose the right ones?

personally i like looking at the ADs of an influencer. Those tend to be more telling because they will get fewer likes and engagement. i like looking at the comment in particular. comments tend to be harder to fake. So if there are very few comments, I’m suspicious. If the comments are from not legit looking accounts, I’m suspicious. If the comments have repeated lines, I’m suspicious.

A good account that I work with has ads that have an appropriate # of comments from real accounts

Note that many influencers delete ads after they are posted. So you’ll want to look when the posts are still live.

I usually always ask for key metrics from previous campaigns the influencer has participated in. If they’re taking influencing seriously they should be able to provide you with case studies or some key metrics that their posts generated for past campaigns.

Depending on the fee they want, if they’re charging a high amount I will do a bit more due diligence and check out the profiles of the brands/people the have the case studies for to ensure the results are as legit as possible.

Yes we do . :gift:

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A good set up Engagement Group can make profiles look really legit and yes you are right about that ADs get less engagement than normal posts, seen that as well!

If you’re in a good engagement group the comments will be related to the caption/pic so it’s hard to separate the real likes from the fake ones, a good tip is to let them send your their stats for the last few posts and engagement rates in general, I refuse to work with influencers that don’t send them over immidiately tbh

@alukus What follower range do your influencers usually have and what do they charge?

IMO they still charge way too much when it comes to receiving free product and getting paid extra. What quality do you expect from them? Also sending someone a pair of shoes will cost a lot more than 5 packs of tea for example.

@HenryCooper Thanks Cooper <3

We typically only use smaller influencers with between 10k-50k followers and the price range we’ve always paid is between $50 and $500 depending on the campaign it is for, the estimated ROI, past post performance etc.

We’ve never had a campaign which hasn’t resulted in a worthwhile ROI. We typically track purchases via a promotional code for that influencers followers which will give them 10% off/free shipping although some people initially don’t complete the purchase so we hit them with some remarketing ads via Instagram and that increases the purchases made within 7 days of the initial influencer post.

You get some people who are completely off with what they want for a post, but thankfully there is plenty of influencers to choose from nowadays.


Writing that down in my imaginary book of great tips by great people, now that I talk about it I might just create a real one.

I can tell that I’ve tried it once but only to test it out and mainly because I don’t have a big contingent of products so I didn’t spend too much on it, but what is your average spend on Instagram ads?

Of course personal settings with a little trial and error will create the best results but is there kind of a hack to ads? I mean, retargeting the people you’ve reached with the influencers post is already a pretty good one!

I’m sure the community would be happy with a book of great tips if you ever decided to share ;).

Regarding the retargeting we are currently spending a maximum of £250 per day although the average spend this month so far is only around the £180 per day mark. For ad creative we use imagery associated with the influencer that we have just ran the campaign with so that the post becomes instantly recognisable to the user due to their connection with that person.

We have tested with generic brand/product imagery compared to the above and that association with the influencer in the remarketing ad performs significantly better!


Gold right here! Thanks.