Do you have a hidden like number under other people's posts?

I ask because I have heard several times that some do not see the quantity of like. There are also articles, and I can still see everything. I live in Poland, maybe the update has not come out yet?

The following countries are known for being tested by Instagram concerning likes:

New Zealand

Source from

I’m not sure if the update has come to Poland yet. Maybe ask some of your friends?


None of my friends have hidden likes, that’s why I said that I will write here. Thank you for your answer and for the source!

Yep, happening here in Canada currently. It will just say “Your friend and others liked this”. Instead of showing the # of people.

Jarvee still seems to be able to pick up on those likes however, as you can still go in and see who liked it. It’s just the actual number that doesn’t show.

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